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Mystery Cabin Trail

At Sapphire Island Camping & RV Resort we love to serve the community. Throughout the year, while you stay at the park you will have the opportunity to experience many great events. This year our team came up with an amazing twist to the traditional haunted house. We call it Campfire Stories: Mystery Cabin Trail. The community is welcome to experience this thrill with the campers. Those staying 2 nights over the weekend of the event will receive a pair of complimentary tickets to the attraction.

The story takes place in the year 1893, where the Chicago World's Fair also known as a traveling carnival stopped right here in DeFuniak Springs. The Chicago World's Fair had an area that included rides, games of chance, freak shows, and burlesque dancers. Little did they know this would be their last stop. Doc from the famous traveling medicine show was traveling with the fair, experimenting with elixirs to create a cure for the freaks. On their way out of town 2 trains collided crashing, causing a massive train wreck killing many of the performers and contaminating others. A plumb of green smoke arose from the train

In this very spot Clowns have been heard laughing in the

woods. While others would hear loud wails of crying and screams. A letter was sent to the town newspaper stating that the cure is in the cabin where the surviving circus performers had settled. No one has been brave enough to explore the cabin till now. You must use your skills to escape the cabin and find the cure before being CONTAMINATED!

Come out and join us for an October surprise that you will never forget during this Halloween season.


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