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Discover OUR Future

Come take an adventure with us as we turn Sapphire Island into your favorite resort. A dream came true, when we recently purchased this charming campground in Florida. Close your eyes and envision with us a future oasis with an historic island theme. A night stay with us will be what you have been waiting for. Come support us and watch us grow. We are a new park and we are continually advancing.


You can choose to bring your condo on wheels or eco-camping now, while historic themed glamping is on the horizon. Soon you will be able to enjoy cooling off in our crystal blue pool, but for now you can take a relaxing walk in the woods, or have fun at PastTime adventures and events.  A get away spot for the whole family.  Follow our Journey on Facebook as we bring a dream into a reality. Each time you stay with us you will discover something new. 

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