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The Love of Camping

Have you ever woke up in the morning and said I need a break, I need the outdoors, and then you say to yourself, I NEED TO GO CAMPING! Those are the moments that you revert back to childhood and remember the excitement, but surreal relaxation of camping. The Love of Camping is hidden inside of you and the moment you become still, amongst this busy world, your subconscious cries out, "You Need to go Camping". What is it about camping that people all over the world just can't get enough of?

As a child, my family would go camping every moment we could. One year I even remember we stayed a whole summer because it was closer to my dads work and I got to go to kid camp each day. I bet my mom loved that. I would say we roughed it and always stayed in a tent, but that wouldn't be exactly true. We started out in a tent and then started moving on up and bought an R..V... We actual had an RV most of my life and I carried on that same tradition with my family. But there is nothing like staying in a tent with friends. When my parents invited people out to stay with us, all the kids got to sleep in THE TENT. Back then it was the coolest thing ever! We had our own room, outdoors, with friends. Who wouldn't want that? We laughed, told stories, played games, and then fell asleep to the crickets chirping and some times thunderstorms.

By day we would run around and play all day. Then we would sit in the lounge chair and take a nap wrapped in a beach towel. At night it was just as FUN. We would cook over an open fire, tell campfire stories, and admire the star lit night. Many deep impressions were made during those days camping that boomerang your mind back to the feelings you had on those adventures. Some of those will be later stories. You never forget those Moments or lasting Memories. What are your memories of camping?


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